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3/4th & 5th Grade Tackle Jamboree Aug 25th

9th Annual Youth Jamboree/Kickoff



Saturday, August 25th

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

West Jr. High School



  • Scrimmages are held on half-fields.
  • Each team will get 10 plays to score, not including PATs.
  • Coaches allowed on the field for instructional purposes. No play clock.
  • Points are not kept. Focus is on game-type situation practices
  • Wear game jerseys.
  • League rules generally apply. These are scrimmages so each team should use the time to practice their offensive/defensive schemes and try different lineups for each game.
  • We encourage parents/friends to create a tunnel for players to run through and for teams to cheer on ALL teams were all Sabers. This would be a great day for teams to hold a pre-season get to know each other party after the Jamboree!
  • Teams are encouraged to practice common Breakdown Sabers together on the field following each scrimmage.



  • Merchandise sales including SYFA t-shirts, practice jerseys, and $1 mouth guards
  • Concessions available: Food, Water, Soda, and Sport Drinks




4th Grade


5th Grade


Field #1


Field #2/Field #3



1 vs. 2    3 vs. 4


1 vs. 2    3 vs. 4



5 vs. 1    2 vs. 3


  5 vs. 1   2 vs. 3



4 vs. 1    5 vs. 2


4 vs. 1    5 vs. 2



5 vs. 4    3 vs. 1


5 vs. 4    3 vs. 1





2 vs. 4    3 vs. 5






2 vs. 4    3 vs. 5





Team Legend:

4th: 1=Falcons, 2=Saints, 3=Jets, 4=Ravens, 5=Panthers


5th: 1=Bucs, 2=Chargers, 3=Cowboys, 4=Eagles, 5=Titans





July 24 Saber Break Down

All tackle common practices night 1

July 23rd

2018 Important Dates.....


Thursday Aug 23: All beef jerky sales sheets back in to coaches.

Saturday Aug 25: First flag games

Saturday Aug 25: Youth Jamboree

Thursday Aug 30: Youth Night at Varsity Game vs Prior Lake

Weds & Thurs Sep 5th and 6th Picture nights East Jr High

Friday Sep 7: Beef Jerky projected to be ready for distribution

Saturday Sep 8: First in-house tackle games


Sabers Varsity O-Line Coach Jason Trelstad at the youth coaches clinic on May 24

Sabers Varsity Offensive Coach Andrew Weiers at the youth coaching clinic on May 24.

2018 Coaches

If you are coaching this season, you must complete the application process.  Please contact us with questions.  

Shakopee Varsity Footballers visiting elementary schools to encourage playing youth football

Shakopee Varsity Footballers visiting elementary schools to encourage playing youth football

Varsity players visited Shakopee youth at schools to encourage joining the Saber Football Nation, Registration for youth football is open!

2018 Youth Football Registration

Registration is Closed and Teams have been formed. If you would still like to play football this year please contact the board about being placed on a team. Good luck this year! 

2018 Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Recipients

Shakopee Youth Football President Mark Grommesch with this year's recipiants

Shakopee Youth Football President Mark Grommesch with this year's recipiants

Shakopee Youth Football Association and the Football Boosters Club are proud to congratulate the 2018 recipients of Shakopee Dollars for Scholars scholarships. All are top students in the their class as well, and our two contributing organizations are very proud of these recipients.

  • Eric Sedlacek
  • Hunter Friesen
  • Sovahn Young

Congratulations and best of luck to them in their college careers!

All recipients participated in Shakopee Youth Football.  The Dollars for Scholars program is an opportunity to award SYFA kids for their hard work at school and in the community.

2018 SYFA Sponsorship Campaign

Join a level of sponsorship this season, and expose your company to thousands in the Saber Nation.  The attached letter has all the information you need to become a Shakopee Youth Football Booster today.  Please contact the fundraising coordinator, or SYFA President with any questions.  Pete Kriegl (Coordinator) 952-270-5583 or Mark Grommesch (SYFA President) 952-913-1970.

"You can love the brain and football, too" by Dr. Francis Shen

As a researcher, I know the risks are real. But they may be overestimated by the public. And the game has important benefits.

Click link to continue reading:

September 14, 2018

September 14, 2018

KARE11 Story on Shakopee's Heads Up Tackling Program

Shakopee Football was featured in a KARE11 story on August 10th about our efforts to make our sport as safe as possible through USA Football's Heads Up coach education and certification program, and by following this program to teach our players the proper tackling techniques designed to keep them safe. 

Here is a link to that story on their website.

Saber Rewards

We are excited to introduce you to our new savings site for Shakopee Football: On our rewards site you have the opportunity to save money, get cash back and support our program. There are two support levels: The basic membership Is FREE. The Gold membership is $30 and you get a $25 gift. The rewards program is growing and will be adding value daily and weekly to our site, so we encourage you to take a look.  

Parents and Athletes

Article on the insight of how athletes feel about the roles of parents.

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